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Filing of ITR's 

In India, every person wants to take loan for purchase of a new vehicles, for purchase a new house, for visit to travel abroad, for higher education, for income tax refund, for carry forward of losses etc. to fulfil the requirements they have to file income tax return even their income is below the taxable limit.

Filing of income tax return doesn’t only make you a responsible citizen but it also ensures smooth governance. It is the duty of every person to file income tax return for declaration of their annual incomes whether it is taxable or not.


There is following information which can help to file Income Tax return-


Our rates for filing an ITR-
  1. For Individuals-
    • having income up to Rs. 10.00 lakh (i.e. income from salary, income from house property or income from other source) – Rs. 300/-
    • having income above to Rs. 10.00 lakh (i.e. income from salary, income from house property or income from other source) –Rs. 500/-
  2. For Others- Rs. 750/- onwards

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