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Deprecation Rates as per Income Tax Act

Deprecation Rates on WDV as per Income Tax Act for the Assessment Year 2018-19 onwards
S.No. Block of Assets Rate %
Part-A (Tangible Assets)
I Building  -
  (a) Buildings which are used mainly for residential purposes except for hotels and Boarding House 5
  (b) Buildings which are not used mainly for residential purposes and other than mentioned in (a) & (c) 10
  (c) Buildings acquired on or after 1-9-2002 for installing P&M forming part of water supply project; or water treatment system and put to use for the purpose of providing infrastructure facilities under clause (i) of sub section (4) of Section 80-IA of the Act 40
  (d) Purely temporary erections such as wooden structures 40
* Buildings include roads, bridges, culverts, wells and tube wells.
* Water treatment system includes a system for desalination, demineralization, and purification of water.
* A building shall be deemed to be a building used mainly for residential purposes if the built-up floor area thereof used for residential purposes is not less than sixty-six and two-thirds percent of its total built-up floor area and shall include any such buildings in the factory premises.
II Furniture and Fittings -
    Furniture and Fittings including Electrical fittings  10
* Electrical fittings include electrical wiring, switches, sockets, other fitting and fans, etc.
III Machinery and plant-
  1 Machinery & plant other than those covered by sub-items 2, 3 and 8 below- 15
  2 Motor-cars (other than those used in the business of running them on hire) acquired or put to use on or after 1st April 1990 15
  3 (i) Aeroplane-Aeroengines 40
  3 (ii) Motor buses, Motor lorries, and Motor used in a business of running them on hire 30
  3 (iii) Commercial vehicles acquired on or after 1-10-1998 but before 1-4-1999 and is put to use before 1-4-1999 for the purposes of business or profession 40
  3 (iv)  New commercial vehicles acquired on or after 1-10-1998 but before 1-4-1999 and is put to use before 1-4-1999 in replacement of condemned vehicles of over 15 years of age for the purpose of business or profession 40
  3 (v) New commercial vehicles acquired on or after 1-4-1999 but before 1-4-2000 in replacement of condemned vehicles of over 15 years of age and is put to use before 1-4-2000 for the purpose of business or profession 40
  3 (vi) New commercial vehicles acquired on or after 1-4-2001 but before 1-4-2002 and is put to use before 1-4-2002 for the purpose of business or profession 40
  3 (vii) New Commercial vehicles acquired on or after 1-1-2009 but before 1-10-2009 and put to use before 1-10-2009 for the purpose of business or profession 40
* Commercial vehicle meaning — heavy goods vehicle, heavy passenger motor vehicle, light motor vehicle, medium goods vehicle, and medium passenger motor vehicle. It does not include “maxi-cab”, “motor-cab”, “tractor” and “road-roller”.
  3 (viii) Moulds used in rubber and plastic goods factories 30
  3 (ix) Air pollution control equipment being - (a) Electrostatic precipitation systems, (b) Felt-filter systems, (c) Dust collector systems, (d) Scrubber-counter current / venturi/ packedbed / cyclonic scrubbers, (e) Ash handling system and evacuation system 40
  3 (x) Water pollution control equipment- (a) Mechanical screen systems, (b) Aerated detritus chambers (including air compressor), (c) Mechanically skimmed oil and grease removal systems, (d) Chemical feed systems and flash mixing equipment, (e) Mechanical flocculators and mechanical reactors, (f) Diffused air/mechanically aerated activated sludge systems, (g) Aerated lagoon systems, (h) Biofilters, (i) Methane-recovery anaerobic digester systems, (j) Air floatation systems, (k) Air/steam stripping systems, (l) Urea Hydrolysis systems, (m) Marine outfall systems, (n) Centrifuge for dewatering sludge, (o) Rotating biological contractor or bio-disc, (p) Ion exchange resin column, (q) Activated carbon column 40
  3 (xi) (a) Solid waste control equipment  being - caustic/lime/chrome/mineral/cryolite recovery systems 40
  3 (xi)(b) Solid waste recycling and resource recovery systems 40
  3 (xii) Machinery and plant used in semiconductor industry 30
  3 (xiii) Life Saving Medical equipment- (a) D.C. Defibrillators for internal use and pace makers, (b) Haemodialysors, (c) Heart lung machine, (d) Cobalt therapy unit, (e) Colour Doppler, (f) Spect Gamma Camera, (g) Vascular Angiography System including Digital subtraction Angiography, (h) Ventilator used with anaesthesia apparatus, (i) Magnetic Resonance Imaging System, (j) Surgical Laser, (k) Ventilator other than those used with anaesthesia, (l) Gamma knife, (m)Bone Marrow Transplant Equipment including silastic long standing intravenous catheters for chemotherapy, (n) Fibreoptic endoscopes including Paediatric resectoscope/audit resectoscope Peritoneoscopes, Arthoscope, Microaryngoscope, Fibresoptic Flexible Nasal Pharyngo, Video Laryngo Bronchoscope, fibreoptic Flaxible Laryngo Bronchoscope, Video Laryngo Bronchoscope and Video Oescophago Gastroscope, Stroboscope, Fibreoptic Flexible oesophago Gastroscope, (o) Laparoscope (single incision) 40
  3 (xiv) Any new plant and machinery installed in or after the P.Y. pertaining to A.Y. 1988-89 for manufacture of articles or things by using any technology or know-how developed or an article invented in a laboratory owned by a public sector company, Government, recognized University subject to specified conditions (See Rule 5(2)) 40
* "TUFS" Meaning Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme announced by the Government of India in the form of a Resolution of the Ministry of Textiles vide No. 28/1/99-CTI of 31-3-1999.
  4 Containers made of glass or plastic used as refills 40
  5 Computers (including computer software) 40
* Computer Software meaning any computer programme recorded on any disc, tape, perforated media or other information storage device.
  6 Machinery and plants used in weaving, processing and garment sector of textile industry purchased under TUFS on or after 1-4-2001 but before 1-4-2004 and is put to use before 1-4-2004 40
  7 Machinery and plant acquired and installed on or after the 1-9-2002 in a water supply project or a water treatment system and which is put to use for the purpose of business of providing infrastructure facility under clause (i) of sub section (4) of Section 80-IA of the Act 40
  8 (i) Wooden parts used in artificial silk manufacturing machinery 40
  8 (ii) Cinematograph films - bulbs of studio lights 40
  8 (iii) Match factories - Wooden match frames 40
  8 (iv) Mines and quarries -(a) Tubs, winding ropes, haulage ropes and sand stowing pipes, (b) Safety lamps 40
  8 (v) Salt works - Salt pans, reservoirs and condensers, etc., made of earthy, sandy or clayey material or any other similar material 40
  8 (vi) Flour mills - Rollers 40
  8 (vii) Iron and steel industry - Rolling mill rolls 40
  8 (viii) Sugar works - Rollers 40
  8 (ix) Energy saving devices, being—  
  A. Specialised boilers and furnaces- (a) Ignifluid/fluidized bed boilers, (b) Flameless furnaces and continuous pusher type furnaces, (c) Fluidized bed type heat treatment furnaces, (d) High efficiency boilers (thermal efficiency higher than 75 per cent in case of coal fired and 80 per cent in case of oil/gas fired boilers) 40
  B. Instrumentation and monitoring system for monitoring energy flows- (a) Automatic electrical load monitoring systems, (b) Digital heat loss meters, (c) Micro-processor based control systems, (d) Infra-red thermography, (e)Meters for measuring heat losses, furnace oil flow, steam flow, electric energy and power factor meters, (f) Maximum demand indicator and clamp on power meters, (g) Exhaust gases analyser, (h) Fuel oil pump test bench 40
  C. Waste heat recovery equipment- (a) Economisers and feed water heaters, (b) Recuperators and air pre-heaters, (c) Heat pumps, (d) Thermal energy wheel for high and low temperature waste heat recovery 40
  D. Co-generation systems- (a) Back pressure pass out, controlled extraction, extraction-cum-condensing turbines for co-generation along with pressure boilers, (b) Vapour absorption refrigeration systems, (c) Organic rankine cycle power systems, (d) Low inlet pressure small steam turbines 40
  E. Electrical equipment- (a) Shunt capacitors and synchronous condenser systems, (b) Automatic power cut off devices (relays) mounted on individual motors, (c) Automatic voltage controller, (d) Power factor controller for AC motors, (e) Solid state devices for controlling motor speeds, (f) Thermally energy-efficient stenters (which require 800 or less kilocalories of heat to evaporate one kilogram of water), (g) Series compensation equipment, (h) Flexible AC Transmission (FACT) devices - Thyristor controlled series compensation equipment, (i) Time of Day (TOD) energy meters, (j) Equipment to establish transmission highways for National Power Grid to facilitate transfer of surplus power of one region to the deficient region, (k) Remote terminal units/intelligent electronic devices, computer hardware/software, router/bridges, other required equipment and associated communication systems for supervisory control and data acquisition systems, energy management systems and distribution management systems for power transmission systems, (l) Special energy meters for Availability Based Tariff (ABT), 40
  F. Burners- (a) 0 to 10 per cent excess air burners, (b) Emulsion burners, (c) Burners using air with high pre-heat temperature (above 300°C) 40
  G. Other equipment- (a) Wet air oxidation equipment for recovery of chemicals and heat, (b) Mechanical vapour recompressors, (c) Thin film evaporators, (d) Automatic micro-processor based load demand controllers, (e) Coal based producer gas plants, (f) Fluid drives and fluid couplings, (g) Turbo charges/super-charges, (h) Sealed radiation sources for radiation processing plants, 40
  8 (x) Gas cylinders including valves and regulators 40
  8 (xi) Glass manufacturing concerns - Direct fire glass melting furnaces 40
  8 (xii) Mineral oil concerns- (a) Plant used in field operations (above ground) distribution - Returnable packages, (b) Plant used in field operations (below ground), but not including kerbside pumps including underground tanks and fittings used in field operations (distribution) by mineral oil concerns, (c) Oil wells not covered in clauses (a) and (b) (with effect from the assessment year 2016-17) 40
  8 (xiii) Renewal energy devices being— (a) Flat plate solar collectors, (b) Concentrating and pipe type solar collectors, (c) Solar cookers, (d) Solar water heaters and systems, (e) Air/gas/fluid heating systems, (f) Solar crop driers and systems, (g) Solar refrigeration, cold storages and air-conditioning systems, (h) Solar steels and desalination systems, (i) Solar power generating systems, (j) Solar pumps based on solar-thermal and solar-photovoltaic conversion, (k) Solar-photovoltaic modules and panels for water pumping and other applications, (l) Windmills and any specially designed devices which run on wind-mills installed on or before March 31, 2012, (m) Any special devices including electric generators and pumps running on wind energy installed on or before March 31, 2012, (n) Biogas plant and biogas engines, (o) Electrically operated vehicles including battery powered or fuel-cell powered vehicles, (p) Agricultural and municipal waste conversion devices producing energy, (q) Equipment for utilising ocean waste and thermal energy, (r) Machinery and plant used in the manufacture of any of the above sub-items 40
  9 (i) Books owned by assessees carrying on a profession- (a) Annual publications, (b) Other books 40
  9 (ii) Books owned by assessees carrying on business in running lending libraries 40
IV Ships - 20
  A. Ocean-going ships including dredgers, tugs, barges, survey launches and other similar ships used mainly for dredging purposes and fishing vessels with wooden hull  
  B. Vessels ordinarily operating on inland waters, not covered by sub-item (3) below  
  C. Vessels ordinarily operating on inland waters being speed boats  
* Speedboat Meaning a motorboat driven by a high-speed internal combustion engine capable of propelling the boat at a speed exceeding 24 kilometers per hour in still water and so designed that when running at a speed, it will plane, i.e., its bow will rise from the water.
Part-B (Intangible Assets)
V Intangible Assets - 25
  Know-how patents, copyrights, trademarks, licenses, franchises or any other business or commercial rights of similar nature acquired on or after 1-4-1998.  


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