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PAN Card Registration 

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric identity allotted by the Income Tax Department.

PAN is mandatory for all transactions such as under-
  • For filing Income Tax Returns (ITR)
  • For depositing Advance Tax
  • For deduction of TDS by bank or others
  • For opening any bank account (i.e. Saving/Current/RD/Demat etc.)
  • For any deposits with banks or financial institutions exceeding to Rs. 50,000
  • For purchase of any Movable or Immovable Assets
  • For Investment in Shares and other Securities (i.e. Mutual Funds, NSC, Bonds etc)
  • For purchase of any vehicle etc.
  • For Loan requirement, applied to any banks or financial Institutions.
  • For requirement of credit card, applied to any bank etc.
  • For Telephone connection.
  • For obtaining importer/exporter code
  • For application of GST number
  • For downloading of “Form 16” or “Form 16A” or “26AS” etc.


Document required for application of PAN-
  • Application form (Form 49A)
  • Photograph
  • Address proof of the registered office
  • Proof of Date of birth/Date of Incorporation etc.
  • Partnership deep/ Memorandum and Article of Association


Our rates are for PAN Registration-
  • In India- Rs. 200/- per PAN number


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