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Easy ways to cut unnecessary expenses


very person wants to secure his future by investing his small earnings or savings. Investment of small amount regularly does not affect your monthly budget. However, these regular small savings can make us wealthy in long run.

Major question is that how to make investments with low of income and higher of expenses, it is very difficult to save money for investments. The solution is to cut unnecessary expenses to make investment in small savings.

“A penny saved is a penny earned”.

Now, I am telling about how to cut unnecessary expenses as detailed below-

  • Budgeting- First, you have to prepare monthly budget, in which you have to proportionate your income into different parts, you have to keep some amount for investments or some for emergency expenses, the balance amount is divided in monthly expenses, don’t go beyond the monthly income.
  • Pay your self- Secondly, you have to pay set aside of expenses, a part of your salary says 5%, 10% or 20% as convenient for you, in best investment plans like Mutual fund SIP, PPF, NSC etc.,
Success Mantra “Don’t’ depend on a single plan for your success”.


 Never keep your money ideally in saving accounts, it must be invested in best investment plans.

“Start early with a small amount of investment and continue for long term”
  • Prepare a list, like grocery etc. before going to market- Third, you have to prepare list of items which you have required, purchased from the market, it helps to avoid purchase of unnecessary items from the market. Always avoid the offer deals & avoid purchasing grocery in small amounts daily from the market, try to purchase through wholesale market.
  • Set a shopping limit- Next, you have to fix your shopping limit or always try to reduce it, for example expenses on cloths, expenses on fashion etc., it helps to avoid purchase of extra shopping from the market.
  • Cancel club memberships- If you are availing any membership facility of club etc. you have to cancel the club membership.
  • Pay your bills on time- Pay your bills i.e. credit card, telephone bills, electricity bills always on time, to avoid any penalty for late payment. It also helps to reduce your unnecessary expenses.
  • Reduce your expenses on entertainment and food- Reduce your expenses on entertainment and outside food. Always try to use online order facilities to avail discounts on food and entertainment.
  • Reduce your electricity, water, internet and mobile expenses- Always try to reduce your bills amount like electricity, water, Internet & mobile etc.
  • Use public transport or car pool facility- Always try to use public transport facility or car pool facility despite individual car, to go to the office. Public transport costs lesser and gives you a true local experience.
  • Buy best medical health plan- If you and your family are not covered under any medical health plan, first you have to buy it, because it provides you and your family a financial support for medical treatment. Without any Insurance health plan, a sudden health issue can eat all your savings.
  • Save tax- If your income is above the tax limit, try to make investments to save income tax. Always make small investments in plans which are covered under section 80C. These investments help you to save income tax and gives opportunities to earn more money.
  • Fund for emergencies- Always keep some amount in liquid funds, which you can redeem in case of emergency otherwise you have to take money from your friends or may be taken on interest. So, always keep some amount for emergencies.
“Don't put all eggs in one basket”


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