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Features of Bharat Interface for Money APP

BHIM app is a very simple & easy to understand & having feature of quick payment transactions using Unified Payment Interface (UPI) platform. It helps to make India cashless system. You can earn cash back for every unique transaction through BHIM APP. As you download the BHIM app that follows the UPI system, you stand to receive Rs. 51 cash back on successfully completing first financial transaction for BHIM app users.
Features of BHIM APP-

The BHIM app downloads at your registered mobile number linked with bank account and having the following features.

Transfer Money-

  • The money can be transfer through registered mobile number linked with bank account or through Virtual payment address say UPI (ID) or through scan QR code.
  • The money can be collected through virtual payment address say UPI ID or through registered mobile number linked with bank account.


  • You can check all transactions i.e. the transactions which had success, failure, approved, declined, expired & pending etc.


  • You can view and share QR code and UPI (ID) payment address linked to your app.

Bank Account-

  • Switch between multiple bank accounts linked with BHIM App. You can change/ reset UPI Pin or check the outstanding balance in your account.

My Beneficiaries-

  • You can add any number of beneficiaries with their UPI ID or through account number with their IFSC code for future payments.

Choose Language-

  • You can choose any language i.e. English, Hindi, Guajarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Oddia, Kannada and Assamese.

Raise Complaint-

  • You can also raise any complaint regarding any issue.

Payment Reminder-

  • You can set any payment reminder.


  • You can generate your QR code.
  • You can invite your friends and family members to BHIM app and help make India a cashless economy.
  • You can send your feedback also.
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How to register under BHIM App-

Step 1: Download and Install BHIM app from Google Play store/Apple App Store.

Step 2: Select the language as you preferred.

Step 3: Enter the mobile number registered with your bank.

Step 4: Set the application passcode required to enter the app.

Step 5: Add/Link with your bank accounts.

Step 6: Set your UPI PIN by providing last 6 digits of debit card and expiry date of debit card.

Step 7: Click on send option, you can send money through QR code, Unified Payment Interface ID (i.e. UPI ID), or Account number with IFSC code of the person to whom the payment is made

Step 8: Enter the UPI Pin to authenticate the transaction.

Step 9: At Last, Check transaction history to see the status of the transaction.


Transaction limit under BHIM APP-
  • Per Transaction limit- you can’t pay more than ₹20 thousand in a transaction. So if you want to pay more than ₹20 thousand, you have to pay twice.
  • Daily Limit- The daily limit for BHIM app transaction is ₹40,000.
  • Number of Transaction- you can’t pay more than 10 times using the BHIM in 24 hours from an account. This limit of 10 transactions is applicable across the UPI apps.


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