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How to revised TDS Return

Revision of TDS Return- In case of any error found in TDS return after filling at NSDL center, a correction statement can be filled any time. There is no any restriction to revise the return.
To revise the TDS returns, the most important thing is the consolidated file and the justification report. The consolidated file, also known as conso file, contains data of the deductions made in a particular quarter and the justification report has information on the errors in the filed TDS return.
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When you have filed your TDS Return, there are some types of corrections that you can make which are as follows-


Detail of Correction


Update/Correction in deductor details (i.e.  deductor name, address, responsible person etc.)


Update/Correction in Challan submitted (i.e. challan serial no., BSR code, challan amount etc.) and deductor details (i.e.  deductor name, address, responsible person etc.)  


Update, Delete or Add deductee detail


Update/Corrections in salary details


Update/Correction in deductee PAN in deductee and salary detail records


Addition of a New Challan


Cancellation of statement

It may be noted the C1,C2, C3,C4,C5 and C9 type of correction may be made in the same single correction return whereas for Type Y a separate return needs to be filed.

Steps for correction of TDS statement-

1. Check for defaults-

  • Log in to TRACES
  • Check for defaults raised under “Defaults” for the particular Form, Quarter & Financial Year.
  • The defaults will be raised under different categories like Short Deduction, Short Payment, Late Payment & Late Deduction etc.

2. Request for TDS Conso Files & Justification report-

  • If Default is available, raise a request for TDS Conso File and Justification Report at TRACES.
  • Enter the details of the quarter and financial year and form for which we need conso file etc.This request is done by providing the Normal KYC or via the authentication of DIgital Signature registered in TRACES portal.
  • Once the request is accepted, the files will be available for download under “Requested Downloads” next day. 
  • Download the files for doing correction.
  • Then unzip the said file, the password for Conso File is "TAN_REQUEST NUMBER".
After following the above steps, the return can be revised by two ways-
  1. Online Method- We can make some correction through online after login to www. Tdscpc.gov.in if the assesse have the digital signature only. The following types of error can be rectified at online portal, for example Correction in Challan details- i.e. challan serial number, BSR Code, Challan Number, Challan Date, Challan amount, deductee details like pan number of the deductee or adjustment of challan with other deductee etc. and uploaded after digital signature. 
  2. Offline Method- All other corrections can be made offline. After following the above steps as above discussed, then you have to make the correction as you have required, then follow the same process as required for filing original return. At last generate the FVU file and send to NSDL center for filing the same.
Before filing the revised return the assesse should attached the following documents-
  • The copy of acknowledgement of original TDS return earlier filed.
  • Correction Statement
  • FUV file
  • Form 27A


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